Using box our client portal

The box client portal is a File Sharing platform that allows us to securely send documents and files to you, and for you to send to us. This is a way for us to work together with you around shared content quickly and easily. 

If you have registered for box our client portal you would have received a link to access your shared VAT folder. This folder will allow you to easily download any files we send or to upload any files we will require to a secure area. To ensure our staff have access to the files you share with us, the files must be placed or dropped into the folder created by VAT named My VAT Documents or your Entity Name, see image below. 


A quick way to see if we will be able to access the files or folders is to look under sharing (to the right of your screen) and check that VAT is listed (see image below). If we are not listed there, you are not in the shared area and we are unable to access or see the file. 


If you have not registered for box but would like to be able to download and upload a copy of your files, please contact our office and our staff will provide you with a link to get started.